Good things will happen if one can learn to manage their energy and attention, no matter what age.

For most of my almost forty years of counselling and art therapy, I have been working with children and teens and their parents.  Then, in the last ten years, I found some of the calming strategies I had come to know so well achieved positive results with seniors facing dementia. It also worked well for seniors facing illness, loss and home changes. 

I have adapted much of my learning about brain science to my counselling approach. What I have come to learn is that a person responds best to the world when he or she feels safe, calm, and connected.  Additionally, it is imperative to help that person find a sense of usefulness and to instil a feeling of hope into each and every day.   

It seems like a very simple formula, but even small hurdles can seem insurmountable, especially when families are faced with aging parents to help and young children to raise. I realized that people, even young children, want to feel in control of their own outcomes. Though a combination of psycho-education, art as creative direction, journalling, and counselling conversations, I can help my clients develop goals that work.  

Developing a happier life is possible. If you are struggling with anxiety, anger, negativity, or finding it hard to control your emotions and reactions, there are many calming strategies that can help.  Let's talk.  Contact me and the first 30 minute phone consultation is free to you. 

Receiving reports your child is not doing well at school?  Wondering how to help as a parent? Let's talk. The consultation is free. 

Barb Dorrington

Social Worker , art therapist and trauma counsellor