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I help spiritually-minded moms and teenage girls who feel defeated, judged, or inadequate release emotional stress and move forward in creating more joyful, balanced, compassionate relationships.

3 Easy Steps to Work with MaryGoodloe

Step 1

Complete our Client Intake Form

The Client Intake Form should only take about 5 minutes to fill out electronically. It provides very helpful information for your coach and is the first step in setting up a brief introductory call.

Step 2

Right Fit Call

The coach will review your intake form and call you at the number on your Intake form within 24-hours of receiving it for a FREE 20-minute phone conversation. This provides a no pressure opportunity for us to get acquainted and ensure we are a right fit to work together. Please note, it might take longer than 24-hours to receive a call if the office is closed for vacation when the form is submitted.

Step 1

Schedule and Pay for your Personal Coaching Session

After we’ve had the opportunity to talk and get acquainted and determine we’re a right fit for working together, we’ll schedule your first session and provide you a link to choose your session package and make your let’s get started payment.

About MaryGoodloe

For too many years of my life I lived quietly struggling to manage all the “not easy” stuff while presenting myself as doing just fine. Actually, better than fine. This façade began to show cracks as I got older and found myself losing interest and energy in engaging with others while pouring all I had into being a wife and mother. I struggled to reconcile how much my day to day reality differed from what I was presenting to the world outside the four walls of my home. I was feeling inadequate, alone, exhausted and insecure in my efforts. I was overwhelmed. About this time, I discovered Jan Luther and The EGO Tamer® Academy.

Life began to shift to a more positive direction as I worked with Jan and had her work with my daughters. Even my husband who I expected to be a sceptic supports and believes in the healing power of this work. We each benefitted from individual sessions with Jan and I became passionate about learning the techniques to identify and release emotional blocks and even physical aches and pains these trapped emotions can cause in the body.

I was outside my comfort zone at the beginning so I started slow but quickly realized incredible positive changes in my outlook and energy. It had been ingrained in me throughout my Southern and Christian upbringing to keep private matters private and not burden anyone with my “stuff” as everyone has something they are dealing with and mine is somehow less hard or important than theirs. I’m beyond grateful to have shifted out of this unhelpful EGO mindset into a grounded, inner-calm space through my work with Jan.

In 2004, Jan became one of only nine U.S. EFT Founding Master Practitioners trained and certified by EFT® creator, Gary Craig. Since 2016, I have attended several of her training seminars and in 2018 completed a 6-month intensive training course on recognizing and taming the “EGO” or “inner-critic” voice that speaks in every person. When the COVID-19 global pandemic struck, I realized the perfect opportunity to delve into a year-long certification program through Jan’s Ego Tamer® Academy.

When opportunities came to Train, Certify and Mentor with Jan, I accepted each without hesitation! I dreamed of sharing the gentle, non-invasive techniques with other moms and teen girls struggling with anxious thoughts and stuck emotions.

I founded Coaching to Calm to fulfill this dream. My desire is to help moms and teenage girls release emotional upset and quiet their “inner-critic” (EGO) voice through the use of EFT with TET Tapping methods. I feel blessed to help clients find greater personal peace in body, mind and spirit.

I’m not a medical professional or trained, licensed psychologist. I’m a former employee of “corporate America,” a wife, mother of two teenaged daughters, aunt, friend, and pet-owner. I grew-up the youngest of four in a suburb of Birmingham, Alabama, was graduated from Vanderbilt University with a BA in English and worked in health care marketing, product development and consulting before choosing to work full-time in my most important and humbling role to date, mom.

General Office Information

Office Hours

Coaching Sessions are scheduled Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 9AM, 10AM, 2PM, 4PM; Fridays and Saturdays at a time mutually chosen by the client and practitioner. The office is closed on Wednesdays.

Weekday sessions outside of normal office hours may be available, depending on practitioner’s schedule on any given day. Please email [email protected] to inquire about session availability on a specific date and time outside of set office hours.

Fee Schedule

Coaching sessions last ONE hour and are currently offered via Zoom.

3 one-hour sessions: $300 ($100/session rate)

6 one-hour sessions: $570 ($95/session rate)

1 one-hour session: $150

All payments are received through PayPal.

An additional $20 is charged for every 15 minutes past one hour that a session runs, unless the practitioner requests the session run longer than one hour and the client agrees. In this special circumstance, no extra fees are charged.

Full payment is due at the time a session is booked. Session fees are fully refundable up to 24 hours before the scheduled session time. Sessions cancelled less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled session are subject to a $75 cancellation fee. Sessions that are missed without cancellation notification to the practitioner are non-refundable.

Initial Consultation

A one-time Right-Fit Connection Call is required of any potential client or parent/guardian who wishes to have a minor in their care work with a Coaching to Calm practitioner. This is a free 20 minute call which the Coach will initiate after receiving your client intake form.

Referral Rewards Program

Refer 1 New Client: Receive $30 off your next session*

Refer 2 New Clients: Receive $60 off your next session*

Refer 3 New Clients: Receive 1 Free session*

*Discounts apply only after a New Client Referral books and participates in one Zoom session
during normal business hours with one of our coaches.  
*At this time, there are no limitations on the number of referrals that can lead to discounts.